Posted by: inyomouth | January 23, 2009


Terrifically Tasty Lasagna

Brita’s own creation, this lasagna happily feeds a multitude.


i had this idea of what i thought a lasagna should have in it but i couldn’t find a recipe that i like so i just made something up.

i didnt use any measurements either but here’s what is in it:

gently mixed—> thawed frozen spinach+sauteed onions+1 egg+ricotta cheese

stirred together on the stove—> tomato sauce+basil+sliced mushrooms+sliced red, yellow,green pepper

these two mixtures were layered with mozzarella cheese between lasagna noodles

i topped it with more cheese and sprinkled it with dried basil

i think i baked it at 375ish degrees until it looked done

i don’t really like the texture of ground beef in my lasagna but if you like meat it could easily be added. just brown it in a skillet, drain off the excess fat, and stir it into the tomato sauce mixture.

serve with a rustic garlic and cheese loaf or salad for a complete meal.



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