Posted by: inyomouth | June 15, 2009

School is out!


That means the members of Inyo 102 are temporarily separated for the summer. There will be a few posts from time to time so keep an eye out, but be sure check back in SEPTEMBER when our apartment will be REUNITED and our kitchen will be busy again!

for now, we will leave you with some memorable quotes from throughout this year:

“that was inappropriately phrased!” -b, to m

“organization just makes me smile.” -k

“i smell everything that goes in my mouth!” -m

“i’m shallow. that’s why i don’t have boyfriends!” -e

b: “are those GUCCI glasses?”
brian (proudly): “yep”
b: “you’re wearing those with your HOMELESS MAN hat?!”

“i don’t lose things with wires that go with my computer.” -k

“he’s small down there!” -kim

“flirting is…taking off your ****** and touching ********.” -b

“vanilla is the smell of prostitutes.” -anna bultema

m: “guys are horny!”
b: “who says i’m NOT?”

sam, our neighbor: “hey guys, look! each of their rooms has a different theme: this one’s stripes, this one’s polka dots, this one’s OLD STUFF!”

“i would give up anything right now so i could throw up and keep eating.” -b on her birthday

“when my husband dies, i’m gon’ be a cougar!” -b

“i love pasta. i wish i could marry pasta. and then have pasta babies. and i would eat them.” -m

k: “i REALLY don’t know what silicone’s used for…”
m & x: “BOOBS.”

b: “you could wear sports bras with sleeves.”

bryan: “if i were a girl, i would wear sequins all the time!”

brita [about slow LA traffic]: “i just think of how fast i would be going in a covered wagon…”

“no way! if andrew romero were like that, i would totally hit that!” -e

“i think this guy is confused….about life.” -kg, about old man driving ridiculously slow in parking garage
“and THIS lady, she’s DEFINITELY confused about life…” -kg

kami: “i’m gonna have to jump on the bandwagon of pride…”
k: “aww, that’s soo good.”

[at the inyo entrance]
k: “oh! free door!”
random guy: “free door?….”

“i dont know what to do with myself. i think i’m just gonna pace…” -e

b: “kayla look, i have a boo boo.”
kayleigh: “what’s that from?”
b: “I hit my knee climbing out the window. …I mean, studying for calculus…”

“is this a wrong time to eat popcorn?” -m [at 2:30 am]

“i need a guy with working organs and money…so i can be a mommy.” -b

b: “maleesa doesn’t know how to pack.”
m: “or how to look good.”


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