Posted by: inyomouth | October 12, 2009

Breakie with Friends

This post is dedicated to my lovely friends, Jessica and Kirsten, who helped make a delicious breakfast this Saturday.


We made a hearty breakfast of blueberry-wheat pancakes, colorful scrambled eggs, and healthy turkey bacon. And don’t forget the coffee to top it off!

If you want an easy & fun breakfast with your friends, just follow these steps:

Blueberry Wheat Pancakes (a la Kirsten)
Wheat Pancake Mix (in the box at grocery store)
Milk or Water (we used buttermilk)
Fresh Blueberries

1. mix water or milk into mix, as directed.
2. pour onto greased griddle over medium heat and cook one side until bubbles stop surfacing.
3. flip and cook for another minute.

Colorful Scrambled Eggs (a la Jessica)
Dozen Eggs
Half Red Bell Pepper (chopped)
Handful of Spinach
1 Onion (chopped)
Monterey Jack Cheese (grated)
Cheddar Cheese (grated)
Salt & Pepper  (to taste)

1. Saute onions & bell pepper in griddle until soft and aromatic.
2. Throw in spinach
3. In the meantime, stir all eggs in large bowl, adding milk to give it a creamy consistency.
4. Pour eggs into griddle with vegetables and stir occasionally until fluffy.  Add grated cheese and stir until melted.  Add pepper & salt for desired taste.

Turkey  Bacon
There isn’t much to say about turkey bacon, except that it doesn’t sizzle like pork bacon (because there isn’t any fat!) and so it’s basically done once you start seeing brown spots all over.  It doesn’t take long to grill…soooo easy.

Look how tasty the results were:


Thank you Jess & Kirsten for the fun breakfast! You girls are lovely.



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