Posted by: inyomouth | December 15, 2009

Marbled Peppermint Bark

This rich, festive dessert can be made in so many flavor varieties so experiment with white chocolate cranberry pistachio or dark chocolate orange. Add crushed pretzels or oreos to your chocolate layer and top with carmel. Or stick with this classic candy cane-topped recipe that can be made quickly in a holiday pinch.


1 package semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 package white chocolate chips **(splurge on high quality so you get even melting)
1/2 – 1 tsp peppermint extract (depending on how much peppermint flavor you want)
5 crushed or chopped candy canes
Holiday sprinkles (optional)


Line a 9×17 baking pan with aluminum foil.  Melt your dark chocolate in a double boiler and pour into pan, spreading with a spatula to get an even layer.  Rise out your double boiler bowl and melt the white chocolate.  Remove the white chocolate from heat and stir in peppermint extract.   Pour the white chocolate on top of the dark and swirl gently with a utensil to create a marbled effect.  Sprinkle candy cane pieces and holiday sprinkles on top.  Put in freezer to harden.  Lift the bark out off the pan and carefully remove the foil.  Use a sharp knife to cut into triangles and don’t worry if the chocolate cracks, it is supposed to resemble rough bark.  Arrange on a plate to serve.




  1. that picture is beautiful. now i want chocolate!

  2. Lovely recipe and tips, thanks!

    I’m going to make some dark chocolate based peppermint bark with white chocolate swirls…

    Happy 2010!

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