Posted by: inyomouth | December 26, 2009

Vroom Christmas

Oh Christmas time. I love you for so many reasons, also mainly, 1. Jesus 2. Food. This year, I decided I was ready to take on Christmas dinner. Usually our family goes with a honey baked ham and several traditional sides, however, change can be delicious. My Dad and I both share an intense passion for Thanksgiving food, so a Thanksgiving round 2 was decided upon. My grandma does thanksgiving meal every year, so this was a new culinary venture.



Make ahead mashed potatoes

Sweet potatoes housed in orange halves and topped with marshmallows

Sourdough apple stuffing

Green beans

Make ahead gravy + turkey drippings gravy (I love gravy)

Cranberry ambrosia

Savory butter rolls

Cranberry sauce

Pumpkin cheesecake

I collected all the ingredients. The people at the grocery store looked at me funny because I look like I’m 15 years old and I’m buying a 15 pound turkey and  loads of other grown-up things. We worked together as a family to put the dinner together. My Mom made the ambrosia, sweet potatoes, and made everything look pretty as always. My sister topped the sweet potatoes with marshmallows and prepped the green beans. My Dad cleaned out the oranges for the sweet potatoes and expertly carved the turkey. I made the potatoes, gravy, stuffing, turkey, and cheesecake.

The whole meal was great! And surprisingly easy! I hope everyone had a fantastic CHRISTmas!

Inyo, we’ll be back soon.

2010? Bring it on.

– E


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