Posted by: inyomouth | January 20, 2010

Food for thought.

Eating is one of the only socially acceptable ways we can share vulnerabilities. We would never get together with strangers and use the bathroom together, but it might have the same affect. No sense putting on airs, we’re just human. So here we are, a group of people putting foods in our mouths because if we don’t eat, we die, because we are not superhuman, we are beholden to our bodies, and our bodies need food and so much more. So I think there’s a humbling aspect to eating together. And then, seated there at the table, we are even. Nobody is taller, nobody is dominating, we are eye to eye. And we have to take our time, because we are also eating, and we have to listen, less we spit soup out of our mouths for talking all the time. And it’s such a pleasurable experience too, that feeling of comfort that we are going to stay alive another few days, that we are secure. It’s a great set up for good, honest conversation.

– Donald Miller

I concur.

– E



  1. YAY for foodies who also live in the same town!

  2. your blog rocks my socks. congrats on being famous.

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