Posted by: inyomouth | August 1, 2010

Dolce: Tre “The Best Birthday Cake”

“The Best Birthday Cake” : A thick and fluffy yellow layer cake with a simple chocolate sour cream frosting.

I have been dying to make this cake for about a year now, ever since I found the recipe on Smitten Kitchen. Luckily out of all the cakes I showed Hanna, this was the one she picked for her birthday party.  She liked it so much, she insisted I make it again when we celebrated her birthday the following weekend with family. Smitten Kitchen was right, this cake is foolproof.  It is rather easy to make and it turned out beautifully both times.

Of course I modified a bit, using some unsweetened chocolate and extra espresso powder to deepen the chocolate flavor of the frosting, and offsetting the rich chocolate by adding powdered sugar to sweeten the sour cream mixture.  I can’t help but modify even the best recipes.  I did trust Smitten Kitchen’s cake baking tips and baked my cake at a lower temperature for a longer time then brushed it with vanilla water to help it retain moisture since I baked it a day ahead.  I also tried the flash freezing method with a crumb coat to make the frosting easier.

I did my research to make sure Hanna got the perfect cake and it was a success.  I highly recommend this gorgeous cake for your next birthday party  (…my birthday is in February by the way, in case you were thinking of baking me a cake).



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