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this blog is the product of four college girls living together in a tiny Inyo apartment at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. with their very own kitchen and very own cooking utensils, Brita, Kayla, Maleesa, and Erin decided to each cook one night a week, allowing them to 1) show off their culinary tricks, and 2) save a bit of cash at the grocery store.  in this blog, you will find recipes–traditionally savored and newly discovered, photos upon photos of carbs, as well as dishes you may try on your own and stuff inyo mouth.

here are les chefs:

brita BRITA — with a passion for French culture and her Italian heritage, Brita’s entrees range from sophisticated quiche  lorraine (with proper french pronunciation) to hearty and flavorful lasagna.  She is known to whip up peanut butter cookies with only a moment’s notice, pre-packs her lunches for the following day of classes, and loves blending her very own breakfast smoothies.

Entree of Choice: Erin’s Turkey Burgers

Dessert of Choice: Anything Chocolate






KAYLA — with childhood meals frequently from Chef Boyardee and frozen dinners, Kayla has developed an appreciation for almost every (real) food and a passion for finding new recipes to try out ASAP.  Chicken dishes are her specialty, ranging from “hazelnut-crusted” to “cordon-bleu,” but she also loves simple soups and salads.

Favorite Meal: Leone’s Bow Tie Pasta

Favorite Dessert: Lemon Meringue Pie








MALEESA — although her mom prepared every breakfast, lunch, and dinner from birth to high school, Maleesa dominates the oven with her impressive baking skills and surprises her roommates with delicious ethnic meals.  She frequently cooks valuable family recipes, but also ventures into her Costco cookbook for inspiration.

Entree of Choice: Chicken Marsala Pasta, or anything my mom makes

Dessert of Choice: Snickerdoodles & FroYo


ERIN — the most experienced chef in the apartment, Erin has a talent for whipping up the most delicious plates from whatever ingredients she can find in the kitchen.  Turkey burgers, salmon, and Lemon Chicken are just a few of her 5-star meals; and because she is famous for adding this ingredient to virtually every sauce and marinade she touches, she’s earned the nickname “Brown Shugah.”

Entree of Choice: Water

Dessert of Choice: Chocolate Cheesecake



  1. you guys are amazing and ridiculous! were just gonna copy your recipes. 🙂

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